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Jasmine Nagafune Coach

Jasmin Osafune

Real name: Yuki Nagafune

He started playing golf at the age of one and honed his skills at Chatanzu Golf Garden.
As a high school student, he was one of the top players in the country.
However, I'm not smart enough to do that, so I gave up on becoming a professional.
He once aspired to be a carpenter, but now he is self-taught.

He serves as a TTGOLF golf coach based on J Theory Golf.
As Nakajima Toru's right-hand man, he gives lessons to juniors and amateurs.

My dream is to take part in a pre-men's lesson.


Born September 9, 1991 in Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from Kashima Gakuen High School.


Kanto High School Golf Championship 5th place

Kanto Junior Golf Championship 36th place

National High School Golf Championship 2nd place

Japan Junior Golf Championship Men's

15-17 years old division 6th place T

[Kids Division]

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