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Masashi Kawaguchi Pro

Masashi Kawaguchi

Funky Kawaguchi

He joined TTGOLF this year! He is a promising young player who will also help with competition management in the future. He is a modern, proactive player who connected with Nakajima through a direct message on Instagram. His nickname is Funky Kawaguchi!
He currently gives lessons at Garden Fujigaya Golf Range, and at the age of 30, he has a strong desire to compete in tournaments and will be taking part in the Philippine Tour and Practice Range Federation annual tournament in 2024.


Born July 23, 1994 in Chiba Prefecture

Graduated from Narita High School (Dropped out of Hosei University)

Garden Fujigaya Golf Range

PGA Teaching Professional Grade A (Junior Instructor)
JGTO Tour Player

Participate in the 2024 Philippine Tour

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